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Dedicated Team of Master Technicians

Every driver is looking for a good mechanic, unless you’ve already found Wally’s Auto Care. We understand how important our automotive services are to the public, and it’s our privilege to provide them. Just like you trust your doctor, you should be able to trust your mechanic. Unfortunately, too many mechanics have the reputation for taking advantage of their customers’ inexperience. Wally’s Auto Care mechanics can be trusted, as they are trusted throughout Idaho. We deliver timely repairs while paying careful attention to you and your bottom line. Good customer service is all about creating an environment of trust and convenience. Whenever you visit our Midway location you’ll witness our high standard of customer care. We take it upon ourselves to eliminate any worry or stress that you may have felt when you came to see. Complicated auto repairs can be a big ball of stress, but we are your local stress relievers. First, our ASE Certified techs eliminate the “complicated” part, then we share our information, insight, and advice on how to get you safely back on the road again.

Wally’s Auto Care has been voted the favorite auto repair shop in Idaho Falls three years in a row. Customers recognize our ability to solve problems and make new friends. At the end of the day, that’s all that’s happening. You receive the repaired vehicle that you wanted, and we get the gratification of satisfying yet another customer. Stop by our Midway location today, and see how we continue to raise the bar for auto repair shops throughout Idaho.