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Check Engine Light in Ammon, Idaho

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Understanding the Check Engine Light

Nobody wants to see the check engine light come on, but it’s a possibility for anyone who owns a vehicle. Oftentimes, it seems, a lot of drivers aren’t quite sure what it means. Since a well-informed driver is a safer driver, let’s decipher what your check engine light is telling you. Despite its name, it isn’t for a single component such as the engine; it’s a warning that something is wrong in your powertrain… somewhere. It could very well be the engine, but it could also be the transmission, the exhaust system, or even the fuel system. The engine light is a part of your on-board diagnostics system (OBD-II), which is what monitors the various systems in your vehicle. If it detects a problem or abnormality with the operation of one of the components, it sends a diagnostic trouble code to the system and is stored there. From there, our team at Wally’s Auto Care in Ammon, Idaho will be able to take the necessary steps for repair.


Reasons Your Check Engine Light Illuminates

Let’s get specific about the list of possible warnings issued by your engine light. Thankfully, it’s not always a sign of catastrophic failure. For example, if you notice the light after you’ve recently stopped for gas, find a spot to pull over and make sure your gas cap is on tightly. If the cap is loose or broken, there’s a risk of air or water to infiltrate the tank and interfere with performance. Sometimes it’s simply a sign that a component, like your fuel injectors, should be cleaned or serviced. A wire could be loose somewhere, or your car’s on-board computer may have lost touch with the many systems and sensors with which it communicates. A complication with the catalytic converter, spark plugs, mass airflow sensor, or oxygen sensor can also trigger the check engine light to appear. Whatever the problem may be, our team has the know-how and equipment to troubleshoot and rectify!


Diagnosing the Check Engine Light

There are other potential issues involved, and getting more specific requires what is called a code reader or scanning tool. The ones we use here at our auto repair shop are more precise than those sold in stores, and our technicians’ experience counts when it comes to making sense of the diagnostic codes that are found. Our combination of expertise and technology ensures that we are able to accurately spot the right problem and make the right fix from the first visit. We encourage timely action to come in when your engine light comes on. While you will be fine to drive for a short while, it’s always best to be prompt to prevent further issues. If you’re experiencing a flashing check engine light, however, it’s best to pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so, and give us a call at (208) 357-9530. In either case, our goal is to ensure that you and your car return to safe driving as soon as possible. Contact us at Wally’s Auto Care today to learn more, and visit us 1608 Midway Dr #6799, Ammon, ID 83406 when you’re ready for service!